Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management – Monthly Membership

$29.99 / month



Vacation Ownership Portfolio management includes but is not limited to a complete analysis of your timeshare/vacation ownership portfolio—also, a comprehensive overview of past, present, and future vacation ownership reservations.

Explanations about the value of a vacation booked vs. maintenance fee. Ensuring members know the value of their vacation ownership and their vacations.

Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management Membership benefits. 

  • Vacation ownership portfolio membership provides the ability to request a 45 min vacation ownership consultation every four weeks with one of our advisors to answer or review any questions regarding the ownership or industry updates ( 129.00 value )
  •  *Unlimited phone and email contact with our team of advisors regarding your ownership and any questions regarding your program’s updates. (99.00 value)   
  • Members can create one Post and one Pre-Vacation ownership presentation consultation every eight weeks. (248.00 Value) A confirmation is sent by email once your appointment is confirmed.
  • The Confirmation email will be sent by our advisors no later than 24hrs from when your consultation is booked online or phone with one of our advisors.
  • A link for a Zoom meeting will be included in the email after the member schedules the date and time.
    • These 40 min member consultations are on Zoom meetings.
    • If you would prefer to have this consultation completed by phone, please inform us via email at

As Covid-19 restrictions ease, Vacation Ownership Advisor will be conducting live owner/member seminars across the USA. Members will have the ability to attend at no cost. (129.00 Value)

Due to these unprecedented times, timeshare/vacation club members may not have the ability to travel and attend a presentation. Our advisor team will provide members with the most current updates regarding their home property or company without leaving the comfort of your home.

As a member, a team of advisors are assigned to working with your vacation ownership portfolio. Advisors are available seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Monthly Members receive $605.00 a month in membership value.

Thank you for choosing Vacation Ownership Advisor; we look forward to assisting you.

Vacation Ownership Advisor Team