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Vacation Ownership Portfolio Management Membership Benefits

Vacation Ownership Portfolio management includes but is not limited to a complete analysis of your timeshare/vacation ownership portfolio—again, a comprehensive overview of past, present, and future vacation ownership reservations.

Explanations about the value of a vacation booked vs. maintenance fee.

Ensuring our members know the value of their vacation ownership and their vacations. (99.00 value)

  • Vacation ownership portfolio membership provides the ability to request a 45 min phone or Zoom consultations with one of our expert advisors to answer or review any questions regarding the ownership or industry updates (149.00 value per consultation)
  • Unlimited phone and email contact with our team of advisors regarding your ownership and any questions regarding your program’s updates. (495.00 value)
  • Members may request a Post or Pre-Vacation Ownership Presentation Consultation as they feel needed. (149.00 value per consultation)
  • A Confirmation Email is sent no later than 12 hrs after consultation is booked online or by phone with one of our advisors.
  • A link for a Zoom meeting will be included in the email after the member schedules the date and time.
  • These 45 min member consultations are on Zoom meetings.


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HOW will Vacation Ownership Advisor Help me?

Our primary focus here at Vacation Ownership Advisor is to get you the best value out of your Vacation Ownership and or Travel Rewards Program. Many of our clients came to us with a limited understanding of how their Memberships worked and what they could or could not do. They were unsure of their options and what limitations they may or may not have. We work directly with you, giving you the service and value you deserve with your Vacation Ownership and or Travel Rewards Program weeks or rewards program. You are assigned your Advisor, who will do a complete analysis of your timeshare/vacation ownership portfolio, including a comprehensive overview of past, present, and future vacation ownership reservations. We give you clear and understandable details about the value of a vacation booked vs. maintenance fees paid. Our services ensure that you know the exact value of your vacation ownership and your vacations. Your Vacation Ownership Advisor will be working directly with you and available to you whenever you need them. Whether it is a trip across the State or a Vacation of a Lifetime, your Advisor is here to make sure you get the most value for your Membership.

“Allow Yourself To Take Advantage Of What You Deserve.”

Jonathan Stoker
Vacation Ownership Advisor

Charter a Private Jet

Family vacation or business travel? New York to London, Las Vegas to Los Angles or Rome to Paris. Our Concierge will assist with every detail regarding your trip to any point on the globe.

Experience Napa Valley Wine Vineyards

Go to a wine tasting event—experience how the wines you love come to life. Schedule a winery tour and explore the beautiful Napa valley countryside.

Charter a Yatch

Deep-sea fishing, A Romantic sunset cruise, sailing through the Caribbean or planning to charter a yacht in the south of France. Our Concierge is available to assist.

Sightseeing / Adventures

Booking an exotic tour? Planning a visit to a foreign country & looking for ideas or assistance?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, We specialize in all types of ownerships affiliated with RCI, Interval International, and many more.

No, Our mission is to help vacation ownership and or travel reward program members of all brands better use and secure the optimal value for what they own.

Here are a few examples of what our Concierge Service offers our members:

  • Need to book a golf outing, make a reservation at a restaurant for a business meeting, night out with friends or family?
  • Need to let the hotel or resort know you’re arriving late?
  • Need to know the possible upgrade options before you arrive at the hotel? Let us call ahead for you.
  • Need to book a car, SUV, or limousine for a special occasion.
  • Flowers sent to someone special.
  • Searching for a special event, concert, or sporting event tickets.
  • Desire to explore Napa Valley with a private wine tour.
  • View your favorite city by helicopter.
  • Charter a private jet for business or a family vacation.
  • Our members have direct access to our concierge team, via Whatsapp, 365 days a year.
Simple! Send a direct message from our website to our live agents or contact us by phone or WhatsApp at (702) 752-5200 – Email – We are also on Facebook – LinkedIn – Twitter – Instagram – Youtube

 No worries, Our team of Vacation Ownership Advisors can help you plan and book your vacation. We can assist in looking for the best airfare and scheduling sightseeing tours or activities on your trip. Don’t worry; this is included with your membership – no hidden fees or costs for providing this service to our members.

Simple, We offer members the option to pay monthly for the time they need our service. We also offer a discount to our members that choose to use our services for a complete 12 months.

Yes, we offer a membership where our members can access hundreds of vacation offers from hotel rooms to 3 bedroom villas at a very discounted price without the upfront cost of buying a timeshare/vacation ownership. This is our way of giving back to the thousands of owners that trust in our services.

Yes, We would be glad to help. We offer a membership specifically for our clients in this situation. It’s important to get the maximum value for your hard earned points. We will ensure you receive all the benefits offered with your program(s) at your status level.